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Triple Note on ‘Effective Altruism’ Submit triple notes on the reading on Effective Altruism (Links to an external site.). For more information on how to complete triple notes, go


2022/8/29 12:34 Instructions on Triple Notes: Fal22 PHIL 007 #71108 CONTEMPORARY MORAL PROBLEMS 1/2

Instructions on Triple Notes What are Triple Notes? Throughout the course, you will be asked to write what are called “Triple Notes,” which is just a fanciful name for a particular note-taking system. As you engage with the readings in the course, you will periodically be asked to write notes on your reading. The purpose of this exercise is to: 1) improve reading comprehension, and 2) identify areas of the reading that you may have questions on.

Triple notes ask you to answer the following three questions:

1) what are the major claims made by the author;

2) how does the author support these claims (i.e. what reasons does the author give for these claims, identifying key quotes to support your understanding of the author); and

3) what is your response to the author’s argument? (For instance, do you agree/disagree and why? How would you apply the author’s claims to other cases including your own life? Was there anything the author claimed that was puzzling/confusing?)

Each major claim identified for #1 should have corresponding responses to #2 and #3. Below is a sample:

“Spiderman is not a good role model, nor is he an exciting character. For one, Spiderman whines all the time and makes terrible decisions, which is not something that I’d like my kids to emulate. He’s also a one-dimensional character who has simple, uninteresting desires, which makes him so boring.” (quote by Albert Shin)

Major claims by author Support for claims Response to author

Spiderman is not a good role model.

Spiderman whines all the time and makes terrible decisions.

I agree. Take, for instance, his “woe is me” attitude toward his superpowers.

Spiderman is not an exciting character.

Spiderman is one-dimensional and has uninteresting desires.

What might the author mean by “one-dimensional”? Does the author mean Spiderman does not have a personality?

Though you do not have to write in this grid form, you may find it helpful as it allows you to keep track of the main claims, the reasons used to support them, and your responses to those specific arguments.

How will I be graded?

2022/8/29 12:34 Instructions on Triple Notes: Fal22 PHIL 007 #71108 CONTEMPORARY MORAL PROBLEMS 2/2

You will not be graded on accuracy, only on completeness (at least 200 words of meaningful engagement with the text). As long as you engage with the text (e.g. quote and cite appropriately) and do your best to identify all the key elements of the readings, you will be given full credit. So do not feel anxious about getting everything “right”! Just focus on developing your reading skills.


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