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UFCFF6301 Programming C: Computer Programming and Languages


UFCFF6301 Programming C


1.1 Software
The following software is required for to complete the practical interview.
Visual Studio Community
SQL Server Data Tools (SSDT) for Visual Studio
Microsoft Reporting Services Projects Extension for Visual Studio
Installed from Visual Studio menu: Extensions > search for name
SQL Server Express
The Visual Studio Project is configured to use the default server name of ‘./SQLEXPRESS’. Using the same name will avoid having to change it in the project.
SQL Server Management Studio

2 Instructions
After downloading and installing the required software, the Northwind database will need to be installed to the local SQL Instance.
2.1 Install Northwind Database Open SSMS (SQL Server Management Studio), connect to the local SQL instance on your machine, open a new
query. Within the query copy the code from the script instnwnd.sql and run it.

2.2 SSRS Practical
The SSRS (SQL Server Reporting Services) portion of the test will use the Northwind database. Ensure the server name is correct. If the default SQL Express instance is not used it will need to be updated.

2.2.1 Add Product Total
The “Activity1.rdl” file has a Dataset called “Orders” and table already created. Add a ‘Total’ column on the right hand side of the table. The value in the “Total” column should be calculated based on the unit price, quantity and discount of the product in the order. Please refer to the below screenshot for how this should look

2.2.3 Add Date Parameters
Add two new parameters that are used to filter the Orders by the Order Date. Orders should appear that have an Order Date between the new Start Date parameter and the new End Date parameter

2.2.5 SQL Query
Create a new embedded Dataset as shown below. The dataset needs to have a SQL query that will find the number of Territories” in each Region, as well as the number of unique employees that work in each region. All totals must be calculated using SQL. Create a simple table in “Activity1.rdl” to display the query results. 

2.3.1 Find and Fix Fault
There is a subroutine in Activity2.vb called “FindAndFixFault()” that should print out a sequence of numbers in octal (base 8). The code currently does not do this, it prints another sequence. Find and fix the problem.

2.3.2 Coding
There is a subroutine in Activity2.vb called “Coding()” where you will be asked to create some code. First of all uncomment the “Coding()” call in the “Main” method as shown below. Optionally the “FindAndFixFault can be commented out. is the best assignment help website for buying assignments online. All credits go to our experts. They work hard to fulfill students’ search ‘who can do my assignment‘ or ‘can someone write my assignment for me‘ and ensure they receive needed academic assistance. Wondering ‘should I pay someone to do my homework’ will not do any good. But hiring our experts can make things easier for students.


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