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Use the provided information, as well as your own |


Use the provided information, as well as your own research, to assess one (1) of the stated brands (Alfa Romeo, Amazon, or Google) by completing the questions below. At the end of the worksheet, be sure to develop a new positioning statement and motto for the brand you selected. Submit the completed template in the Week 4 assignment submission link. Name: Professor’s Name: Course Title: Date: Company/Brand Selected (Alfa Romeo, Amazon, or Google): 1. Target Customers/Users Who are the target customers for the company/brand? [Insert response] How could/does the company reach its customers/users? What methods and media might and/or does the company use to reach the customers/users? [Insert response] What would grab the customers/users’ attention? Define the customers/users according to their demographics and psychographic information (e.g., age, gender, income, education, lifestyle, values, etc). How do they want to be perceived? [Insert response] What do these target customers’ value? [Insert response] 2. Competitors Who are the brand’s competitors? [Insert response] What product category does the brand fit into? [Insert response] What frame of reference will customers use in making a choice to use/purchase this brand/service? What other brands/companies might customers compare this brand to? [Insert response] 3. USP (Unique Selling Proposition) How is this brand/company better than its competitors? What is the brand’s USP (Unique Selling Proposition? [Insert response] What is the brand’s uniqueness? [Insert response] What is the competitive advantage of the brand? How is it different from other competing brands? [Insert response] Does the brand have any attributes or benefits that dominate competitors? [Insert response] 4. Positioning Statement & Motto Develop a new positioning statement and motto for the brand you selected. Below is an example of BMW’s positioning statement and motto. ·  BMW Positioning statement: The brand for discerning customers of sports cars (target customers) who want an exhilarating experience (USP). ·  BMW Motto: BMW is the ultimate driving machine.


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