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Virtual Gallery Visit and Art Critique


Part A: Virtual Gallery Visit

Part A involves evaluating the “virtual visit” that this gallery has provided. This will require time as you repeatedly “visit” the gallery space, moving through the different floors. It is not possible to do this in only one visit.

Include the criteria listed below and compose your report in paragraph form.

• What do you see when you first “enter” the gallery? Describe the space and include your first impressions.

• Using the person icon you are able to move through the gallery, choose directions, and zoom in closely. Look at the available space on each floor. How have the captured images permitted you to move through the exhibition and see the artworks?

• How is the art displayed? Is the space inviting? Appealing in some way? What are some of its key formal features? Describe and comment on what you see in the gallery. Be specific. Discuss your experience, providing specific details of the layout, etc. Once again, this should not be descriptive only, as your job is to evaluate your experience. It must be obvious that you have spent time in the gallery.

• Using the horizontal bar at the bottom, select one artwork in the gallery. Make sure this is not an artwork featured in our textbook. Identify its full title, the artist’s name, and the date produced. How is  it displayed in the gallery? Why did you choose this artwork? What about it captured your interest? How does seeing it in a virtual visit impact your experience of the artwork? 

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