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We are a freelancing company and we have a lot of typ


We  are a freelancing company and we have a lot of typ

 We  are a freelancing company and we have a lot of typing and data entry work. Therefore, we are hiring qualified freelancers to work remotely. It’s data entry, conversion of images to words and transcribing. If you’re interested in the project kindly email me at [email protected]. Also, read the terms of work attached.

You’ll be provided with images similar to the image which is shown below and you’re required to type the texts in Microsoft Word without making any changes or corrections following the steps as shown.

Project Details

Project 1:

Security Fee: $5 USD (Refundable on

(Will be paid by employee) successful completion of first


Total Images: 25

Time Limit: 4 Days (Including holidays)

Payment: $15 USD (Per Image)

Total Payment: $375 USD

Project 2

NOTE: Refundable security fee is for the assurance

that you will take the work seriously and submit

the work always on time whenever the work has

been allotted to you. It will be refunded back to

the employee on successful completion of first

assignment. All payments will be made via PayPal.

Security Fee: $10 USD (Refundable on

(Will be paid by employee) successful completion of first


Total Images: 50

Time Limit: 7 Days (Including holidays)

Payment: $15 USD (Per image)

Total Payment: $750 USD


1. The employee will deposit the security fee, which is a onetime payment to start working with us.

2. Project should be completed within the deadline given by the company.

3. Incomplete files or incomplete projects will not be accepted.

4. Type manually, use of third party software’s is allowed but first confirm with the contents manager.

5. Doc. Files must be typed as seen in the images, no changes made.

6. In case of any errors, employees need to make corrections before any payment can be disbursed.

TECHNICAL INSTRUCTIONS 1. Every line should match with corresponding line in the image.

2. Font should be “Times New Roman” and font size “10”.

Heading font size should be 13. 3. Make separate file for each image.

4. Always type as seen in the images. Do not make any changes.

5. Do not ident your paragraphs.


 You will receive and submit projects via email. 

 You will send us only soft copy of output files. 

 You will get your accuracy report and payment within 24 hours after submission of your work.

 You will get your payment in your provided PayPal account within 24 hours after completion.

 Project chosen can be changed or upgraded later.

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