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What are the potential downfalls and positive influences of the Netflix Way?


Todays news is littered with scandals, new allegations of sexual assault, and tragedy. Since 2017 and the #metoo Movement, stemming from the Harvey Weinstein scandal, more and more public figures have been put into the spotlight to defend themselves against allegations from women around the globe.
Not only publically, but privately in companies around the world, there have been firings, and investigations into misconduct from co-workers, managers, and CEOs. It is a relevant topic that is getting long overdue publicity and encouraging more men and women to come forward to discuss openly rather than hide the events and injustices of the past. Other events showcase the tumultuous and on-edge society we are living in, such as the Charlottesville, VA attack that left 1 dead and 19 injured when a person drove a car through a crowd of protestors during a white nationalist gathering.
With events on a daily business, it is important for companies to take a stand against racial hatred, harassment of any kind, and have firm policies when such events occur. Take Netflix for example, who in July of 2018 fired chief communications officer for saying the N-word in full form. This event occurred during an internal meeting, not directing the slur at anyone specifically, but claimed it was being made as an emphatic point about offensive words in comedy programming. The Netflix Way, the culture that is built around radical candor and transparency was put to the test during this occurrence.
The offender, Jonathan Friedland attempted to apologize for his misdeed, hoping it would fade away and his apology would be accepted. However, it did not work that way, instead the anger was palpable between co-workers, and eventually led to the firing of Friedland after a few months of inaction.
Netflixers are given a high level of freedom and responsibility within their Netflix Way culture. Blunt feedback is encouraged, trust and discretion is the ultimate gatekeeper, as employees have access to sensitive information, and are ultimately trusted for how they expense items and take vacation time.
Between the insanely fast-paced streaming services industry, it is hard to keep this culture at a premium, but it is imperative for the success of the company overall. As you scale a company to become bigger and bigger how do you scale that kind of culture? said Colin Estep, a former senior engineer who left voluntarily in 2016. I dont know that we ever had a good answer.
In order to keep up, sometimes the company is seen as harsh in their tactics to keep the best of the best. I think were transparent to a fault in our culture and that can come across as cutthroat, said Walta Nemariam, an employee in talent acquisition at Netflix, in the video.
Netflix has stayed true to their cultural values despite the pressures and sometimes negative connotations associated with this cutthroat environment. Their ability to remain agile, while displaying no tolerances for societal injustices makes them at the forefront of new age companies. It is a difficult pace to stay in line with, but it seems that they are keeping in stride and remaining true to who they are, for now. (You only need to answer the 3 questions below):

Critical Thinking Questions:
How have the current cultural environment of our country shaped the way that companies are looking at their own corporate cultural standards?
What are the potential downfalls and positive influences of the Netflix Way?
How does Netflixs internal culture negatively or positively affect their ability to stay competitive and deliver cutting edge content?


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