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What did you do differently this time?


I will answer most of the questions below, it is just a matter of putting it together professionally.

What was the hardest part in this process? Why was it difficult?

The hardest part of the process was presenting the speech, I have stage fright and constantly mess up which requires me to re record it over again which can get frustrating and exhausting.

How was this speech different from other speeches that you have given (particularly ones given earlier in this course)?
I was not passionate about the topic which made it more difficult to memorize and present. The previous topics were related to me which was an introduction and owning a rabbit in which I do.

What did you do differently this time?
This time I tried to memorize and shorten my speech.

How effective was your speech? How do you assess that effectiveness?
I felt that my speech was not as effective due to the fact I didn’t have a proper set up and was nervous about presenting it

What feedback did you receive from your audience? What did you learn from this speech that you will use to prepare/deliver speeches in the future?
How does your world view shape or influence your communication in light of what you have learned.

unfortunately I was not able to gather an audience together in a professional setting due to my move and work. I was restricted by time, distance, and space.

freestyle the last part.

if you can make those answers sound more professional and put together. Thank you

academic sources only. Thank you


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  • distinguish between the perspectives of the six scholarly secondary sources you will use in your Final Paper to determine the organization of your work,
  • What did you do differently this time?
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