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What different models of Aboriginal self-government have emerged in Canada, according to the Papillon article?


Choose TWO questions from the following topic list and write TWO essays of approximately 750 words. Be sure that you present the concepts in your own words and that you include current information.

Your word-processed assignments should follow APA format for preparing your paper and citing sources; however, do not write an abstract. Also, please include the page number for all citations, whether it is a direct quote or not.

Choose TWO questions from the list of 5:

1. According to the reading you completed for this unit by Zygmunt Bauman, identity is something that needs to be invented rather than discovered. How does this concept relate to his discussion of the idea of nation? Why did nation-states invest such efforts to build a national identity in their citizens?

2. In what way is the formation of Canada as a state intimately related to its diversity? Can we say that it is a nation-state? Why or why not? Base your answer on history as well as on the principles that the Supreme Court of Canada found in the Canadian Constitution in the Reference Case re Secession of Quebec?

3. How is Quebecs national identity related to its aspirations for political independence from Canada? How has the national identity of Quebec been transformed through its history? Why has language been such an important aspect of the national identity of Quebec?

4. Contrast the formation of Quebecs national identity with that of First Nations peoples. What are the main differences between them? Can you identify similarities?

5. What different models of Aboriginal self-government have emerged in Canada, according to the Papillon article? Have you found other models in your research? Do they fulfill the demand of Aboriginal peoples for self-determination? Why have some critics contended that these modalities of self-government basically amount to colonial domination in a different guise?

Below are a list of resources IN ADDITION to those which have been attached that can be used as resources for the two short essays.


1969 White Paper on Indian Policy


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  • What different models of Aboriginal self-government have emerged in Canada, according to the Papillon article?
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