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What is documentary photography? – Study Room


For this assignment, you will compare the early years of documentary photography with images used in the news and media today. Please answer all questions below.

To learn more about the history of documentary photography and explore the collection in the Met, first click on the link below:

Go to The Met ( (Links to an external site.)) homepage.

Click on Learn with us in the upper menu.
Click on Timeline of Art History.
Click on Essays.
Scroll down and click on Early Documentary Photography.
Read the essay on Early Documentary Photography.
Browse through the reel of images on the top of the page.
After you have read the essay and looked through the photographs, think about how many of these early photographers were social reformers, using their photographs to illuminate how the other half lives, and reflect on the significance of their work. In your own words, please thoughtfully respond to the following:

What is documentary photography? (4-5 sentences)
How has documentary photography been used to create social awareness and change? (4-5 complete sentences)
Now that you understand documentary photography, find a modern-day example. This can be from an online news article, magazine, social media, or photography exhibit. The photo you choose should be current and fulfill the requirements of documentary photography. Once you have chosen a photo, please cut and paste image or include a link to photograph.

Where is the photo from, and what year was it taken?
What is the message of the photograph? Is it meant to create social awareness or change? (2-3 complete sentences)
Do you consider documentary photography just as effective today? Why or why not? (2-3 complete sentences)
Some of these images can raise difficult topics, so please be mindful of this and give yourself time to analyze and contemplate.


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