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What social issue is this meme or post propagating?


Search for a meme or social media post that promotes a social issue. This post can be found on any social media site or through a simple google search.
In a word document, copy and paste the meme or social media post and reference where you found the meme or post.
Type a one-page summary of the meme or post using APA guidelines for writing (1 margins, 12 font, double-spaced) addressing the following:
What social issue is this meme or post propagating?
In your opinion, is this meme or post doing good or harm? Was this an appropriate use of technology? Why or why not?
Is there any bias that you can see in this meme or post? If so, identify what you think it is.
How does this social issue relate to the field of Human Sciences, specifically tied to the Body of Knowledge (i.e. basic life skills, wellness, family strengths, community vitality)


  • What is something new that I learned?
  • Identify a job in one of the CASES and investigate the national (from at least five states) and local salary range for this job.
  • What common elements are present in many of the aggravated forms of these crimes?
  • Discuss how a Kantian ethically judge Lunar Industries practice of cloning its employee, Sam Bell, in order to supply a steady stream of reliable workers for its lunar mining operation?
  • Discuss what type of compensation and benefits an organization could offer to engage, attract, recruit, and retain a diverse and strong workforce.
  • Discuss the impact of budgetary control on organizational performance in UAE.
  • Does Aromatherapy Have Scientific Validity in Promoting Health?
  • What social issue is this meme or post propagating?
  • Explain how your actions would impact Marketing, Finance, Management and Operations.
  • Identify and describe technological tools that support the learning of early reading and writing skills for struggling readers.


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