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What the passage tells us about our ultimate fate.


This is straightforward. You will analyze a Bible passage which I am choosing the Story of (Abraham and Isaac) Biblical Novellas. You will analyze the passage five different ways:

Interpretation of scripture:
1-Literal: What the passage says about past events.
2-Allegorical: What the passage can tell us about Christ.
3-Moral: What the passage can teach us about how to live.
4-Anagogical: What the passage tells us about our ultimate fate.
5-Make an interpretative connection to another Bible passage we have read
The “essay” must be 500 words long- Doubled spaced / Font 12 Check spelling and grammar before submitting and must be in Microsoft Word format.


  • Discuss about the correlation on the effects of social, financial, and economic effects caused by the coronavirus pandemic.
  • Which book, character, piece of work (fiction or non-fiction) seems made for you? Why?
  • Discuss about the Investigation of a specific phenomenon related to the intertwined histories of the Anglophone Caribbean and Great Britain.
  • Was Britain truly depriving colonist of their natural rights?
  • What the passage tells us about our ultimate fate.
  • Briefly elaborate how volunteering at Alzheimers Center impacted, influenced my outlook to my life and patients in general.
  • Exploring how youth workers can support young people to avoid offending.
  • Are they a realistic appraisal of millennials?
  • Compare and contrast the concepts of realism and idealism in American foreign policy making.
  • Write an essay explaining the view defended by John Harris in The Survival Lottery.


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