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When examining employees’ personal values concerning the organization’s values, value congruence must be art of the discussio


When examining employees’ personal values concerning the organization’s values, value congruence must be art of the discussion. Value congress is the extent to which an individual’s personal values are in accordance with those of the surroundings, like in the case of employees’ personal values and work values (Edwards & Cable, 2009). Work is the surrounding in the case. Value congress is basically the similarity of personal values hierarchy to another source. Often employees feel more comfortable working in organizations that share the same values as them. High values congruence creates a suitable working environment, leading to good performances. When there is a good value congruence, employees are more motivated, and the organization is more rewarding.

When the value similarity is higher, the employees tend to be more satisfied at work, making them more loyal and more productive because their work stress levels are lower. Higher value congruence between employees’ personal and company values also creates better cohesion and better performance generally due to the existence of team value congruence. When employees’ personal values are similar to the values of the organization they work for, the employee will not feel like they have to compromise their personal values to meet the demands of their employer (Meglino, Ravlin & Adkins, 1992). That alone creates harmony at work, thus fostering a good relationship between the employer and the employee.

If the organization’s values are different from the employee’s personal values, the employee is likely to conform to the organizational values unwillingly. However, that forced conformity often leads to stress, anxiety, and dissatisfaction at work. A demoralized employee cannot perform well, thus lowering turnover. This type of dynamic leads to an unhealthy working environment for the employee and a dissatisfied employer. For example, an honest person with integrity may find it really hard to work in an organization where they are expected to doctor the return files to manipulate the tax system. Employees might quit altogether if they cannot compromise their values to serve the organization. Nevertheless, values are affected more by nurture and not nature. Therefore, individuals are more likely to change their values to fit in an organization than the reverse (Suar & Khuntia, 2010).

 Values congruence is very relevant when it comes to professional values versus organizational values. For professionals to contribute effectively to the organizations they serve, they have to be sold on the organization’s missions and interests. Value congruence is more relevant in feeds such as medicine and accounts. For a physician, the personal value has to be incongruent with those of the hospital they serve. Sharing critical values with the hospital will lead to better services for patients served at the hospital.

 For example, if the hospital values life more than money and the physician believe the same, then the two will never have an issue with saving the lives of patients who cannot afford to pay for needed procedures. The healthcare fraternity, in general, should embody values like compassion, ethical and safe relationship-centered care. Such values are not selective ad are needed at all times. Therefore, if a physician and the organization they work for do not share the values, then the services offered to patients become ineffective.

Value congruence is relevant in professions like accounting as well. When it comes to money matters, specific values are crucial, with the most fundamental ones being honesty and integrity. The company or organization needs to trust the person handling their funds, and the accountant needs to trust the organization they work for. Therefore, the two sets of values need to align for smoother operation on the organization. Most of the time, the organization’s values shape the attitude of the employee in many cases. In professions that require integrity, such as medicine and accounting, values congruence is relevant and vital (Jehn, Chadwick & Thatcher, 1997).  Organizations in such field actual test the value system of an individual before making the decision to absorb them into their organizations. Reason for doing that, is to verify that the employees have the same values as those of the organization.

The professional values should and must be shared between the employees and the organization they work for. Failure to which the performance, output, or service delivery will be in jeopardy. This is because professional values have been tested and certified as essential behaviors of the code of conduct needed in the profession. Hence, value congruence is very relevant, especially in professionals’ values versus the organization’s values.

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