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World War I began when on June 28, _____________ the ____________ Franz ____________ of __________-_____________ was assassinated by a guy from ______________. War was declared in retaliation and th

World War I began when on June 28, _____________ the ____________ Franz ____________ of __________-_____________ was assassinated by a guy from ______________.   War was declared in retaliation and the war began.   The system of alliances caused this war to escalate from a war between two countries to the first world war.  The alliances formed and there were two main sides: the _________ and the Central _________.  The good guys from the US perspective were the _____________ while the bad guys were the Central _________.  Some of the good guys were: Great ___________, France, Italy, Serbia, & the ______________ Empire.  The three main bad dudes were the German Empire, the ___________-__________ Empire and the _______________ Empire plus Bulgaria. Again, this war spread and escalated because of the system of _________________.The war was super deadly both because of the style of war where troops lived & fought in ___________ which were long ditches AND because weapons were made faster, easier and cheaper because of the _____________ Revolution.  Life in the trenches was hell, especially when Fritz Haber used weaponized ________________ on the enemies of Germany.  Haber discovered a way to pull _______________ from the air and use it for bombs but also for ______________ which, still today, feeds half the world.Back in the US, the government was stronger than ever but reverted back to the philosophy of ______________, staying out of the drama.  __________, who had worked in factories and offices and were allowed to serve in the Military for the first time, finally got the right to __________ from the ____ Amendment.  People in the US were sick of war and ready for the fun times of the ______________ 20’s which we will begin to learn about after the WWI quiz! *ALSO 13 WWI VOCAB TERMS*The US position on world politics and foreign affairs was a policy of __________________; staying out of the drama.  Teddy Roosevelt, though, while trying to negotiate diplomatically with other countries, was not afraid of threatening the US Military against countries who didn’t agree to our demands.  This idea was symbolized in a drawing of him.  “___________  _____________ but ___________ a big ___________”  Before WWI, the US was involved in a war with _________________ because they sank the USS Maine in Havana Harbor off the coast of Cuba, one of Spain’s colonies.  After the _____________-American War, the US gained some _____________ which we had never had before.  While the war was going on in 7th grade boy drama land (Europe), there were two main ideas about the war that American citizens had.  1) _________________: the idea that what was going on in Europe wasn’t our problem, and we shouldn’t go fight a war.  Keep out of the drama.  2) _________________: the idea that what was happening in Europe was dumb, but that we need to go over and fight to help and assist to protect people AND increase our worldwide strength and street cred.The US entered the war in _________, after two events.  The first, being the sinking of the ______________, a British ocean liner that had 122 Americans aboard, by the _____________ U-Boats/Submarines.  We didn’t enter after that, but did declare war on Germany (and because of alliances, all the Central Powers) after the Zimmerman _______ where Germany tried to get ______________ to invade us to keep our troops in the US.  In exchange, they were promised they would get land back from the US including _______________, __________  ____________, and ___________.  So, when we heard about all this, we declared war on Germany and boom, sent most of our troops to this European Country to do most of the US Fighting: ____________.In order to pay for the war, US citizens were expected to buy __________ / __________ bonds, grow Victory _________, conserve electricity by having ___________ Savings ______ enacted, and had to avoid eating ________, ________, and _______ on certain days of the week.  The US Government also began the ___________  __________ Act, also known as the draft.  Over 24 million men were registered for the draft.  Women now worked as ___________ operators, ______________ , ____________, & drove ___________________.The war ended in _____________, or a laying down of arms.  There is no clear _________ or _________, but the fighting ends which is good.  Upon the end of the war, the Treaty of _______________, was signed in France.  It blamed the war on ____________, and made them pay heavily.  They had to pay __________ of dollars to the _______, give up all of their ___________ which had previously made them rich, and had to disband most of its __________.  This harsh punishment allowed for the rise of Adolf ________ and the ________ Party in Germany leading to WWII.  Out of Woodrow Wilson’s _______ Points, The League of ______________ was created to help keep the peace between member countries and make decisions together. But Congress wouldn’t allow the US to join because we wanted to keep our ability to declare war on our own without a decision from the League.  People viewed WWI as the war to end all _______, but because of the harshness of the Treaty of Versailles, Germany was angry and wanted to regain it’s lost lands and power.


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