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Write a research paper on Sweden National Curriculum for English.


Write a research paper on Sweden National Curriculum for English.
Your exam, which is in essay format, must have an introduction, a discussion, and a conclusion. Start by writing out the topic which you have chosen, then, skip a few lines, and begin your essay. Your essay should have a title, cantered. The analysis you offer, where you attempt to answer the topic question, must be solidly based on the theories and facts presented in the course literature, or during the seminars, and not only based on your own experiences and opinions unless the topic asks for you to reflect on your own experiences. Nevertheless, the discussion should be related to your understanding of the concepts presented in the course literature.
Students are encouraged to use the terminology that they have learned in this course module, as well as the various theories which you have encountered in the lectures and in the course literature. Students who do this in a professional manner will receive better grades.
1.Do not use any auto-correction of the right-hand margin, allow it to break the line without making the right-hand margin straight, and do not have each line cantered for long quotes.
2.It is very important that your text has an introduction paragraph that contains a thesis statement (the question you will answer), and that this is followed by a discussion or argument, and finally, that there is a conclusion. Use argument/counter-argument. Your exam should have a title, and your name, the name of the course, the date, and your personal number should be at the top of the page.
3. Do not use the personal pronoun I, and write formal, serious, academic English. Be objective rather than subjective. Do not use slang or informal language. Try, as much as possible, to use vocabulary which is associated with the field of sociolinguistics. This is an academic exam, so kindly refrain from writing informally.
4. Remember to write exact page numbers where you pick the idea in the course literature Teaching English in European and global perspective


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