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Write an introductory paragraph to describe your interest in working with students.


Conduct online research to help you answer the questions below. You will rely primarily on the Department of Education website, but you can use other sources as well:

1. Write an introductory paragraph to describe your interest in working with students. Mention the grade level, subject areas, and other details of your interest. Include if becoming a teacher is your true vocation or something you are considering as a career option. If the latter, include what other areas you are considering for a career, then research a bit to find out the educational requirements of one of the areas. Are you interested in a career where you work closely with others to improve their lives? Why or why not?

2. In a paragraph, describe the educational requirements for becoming a classroom teacher in the area above. Describe the process to earn teacher certification in the area(s) you mention. This information can be in paragraph form or in a list format. Mention where you are considering for a transfer school after graduation from Bergen. If you are more interested in a different career, provide the information for the career of your choice.

3. Consider who has been your role model, who you look up to as someone to emulate, and what about them to you recognize as a positive influence. Consider what they would do in your shoes, if they were beginning their academic journey. What would be their program of interest and career aspirations? Write your response to these questions in paragraph form.

4. Over the course of your K-12 journey, what kinds of knowledge have you learned from your teachers? Your family? What has been the most challenging aspect of your K-12 experience? If you could go back in time, what would you have done differently? Looking ahead, how will you fulfill your potential in terms of succeeding in college?

5. Again looking back, do you think that your early school /life experiences could be improved? Describe. What was your role in the weaknesses of your K-12 years. Focus on one example.

6. Please fill in the blank, “The best part of college is “The most negative aspect of college is…” Then, write an response to reflect on these statements, including the reasons why you feel this way.

7. Do you feel that teaching is an art or a science? Please explain.

8. From your experience, describe classroom management strategies that worked. What behavior issues do you recall in your classmates? How did the teacher handle the situation. What positive behaviors of others do you recall? Focus on one example for each.

9. With attention to social justice issues and racial and financial disparities, describe how American Education can improve to better serve under-serviced populations. Provide a link to a current events article that relates to one or more of the above disparities in Education. Describe the article.

10. Write a paragraph to conclude this written assignment, by summarizing and reflecting on what you learned from this assignment and how this insight will inform how you move forward.


  • Write a reflection on the attached PowerPoint presentation entitled, Keep Junk Science Out Of The Courtroom.
  • Discuss how this work is applicable or relevant to the issues that are prevalent in today’s society.
  • What would be the short and the long-terms effects for both parents and children, psychologically, physically, socially, mentally, and emotionally?
  • Describe whether or not the instrument can be used to measure patient response to therapy/treatment or if it is strictly for assessment and diagnosis.
  • Write a user guide for your visualizations explaining the purpose of each visualization and demonstrating how to use the custom metric and filter you included in the visualizations you created.
  • Discuss The Role Islam & Political Development Of Egypt.
  • What philosophers did the arguments in the book remind you of?
  • Describe the parts of your personal philosophy where you agree or disagree with this theorist.
  • Write an introductory paragraph to describe your interest in working with students.
  • Discuss the different sets of values that come from the opposing sides. Conclusion.


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