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# writting about how did the action of british lead to war of 1812? esaay 3-4 pages Outline for the final paper The war of 1812 was an open fi

# writting about how did the action of british lead to war of 1812? esaay 3-4 pages                                          Outline for the final paper            The war of 1812 was an open fight clash between the United States of America and Great British. But people should know or understood at least some of the incident first why a lot of Americans went to the war against the British in early 1812? It was not just one reason, however, there are many series factors that make Americans led to war against the greatest and powerful country in those days.The Embargo ActThe war between France and Great Britain hurt Americans trade.ImpressmentThe embargo act resulted influenced the American economyChesapeake Affair (1807)British ship leopard demanded Americans surrender four sailors; Chesapeake commander refused.Anti-British feeling ran high and Americans want warJefferson demanded apologyMadison and Pressure war     Macon’s bill no. 2 allowed a trade to resumeThe war of hawksCongress spoke of the necessity of upholding the principle of free treadThe India ResponseTecumseh refused to sign the treaty of Greenville in 1975.Americans believed native Americans were pushed by the BritishThe period from 1800 to 1812 was an “age of prophecy” among Indian as they sought to revitalize Indian lifeThere were no ways to Americans looking back for war after this many series factors that hurt Americans. Finally, it ended up with solutions that American dreamed or expected before the war.      


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