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You are enrolled in a cyber security course at



 Exp19 Word Ch04 HOEAssessment Security 

 Word Chapter 4 Hands-On Exercise Assessment – Security 


Project Description:

You are enrolled in a cyber security course at your local university. One of the assignments is to write a group paper with another student about password security. You and your partner conducted research on the topic and wrote a final draft of the report. Your partner has provided some feedback and suggestions, and you will review the feedback and make corrections to the paper where needed. You will also need to document the sources of the information used for the paper. You will use track changes, accepting and rejecting them as necessary, credit sources used in the preparation of the report, address your partner’s comments, include a table of contents and an index.


Start Word. Download   and open the file named Exp19_Word_Ch04_HOEAssessment_Security.docx.   Grader has automatically added your last name to the beginning of the   filename. 


Apply the following   formatting to the whole document:
  • Document is double-spaced.
  • The font is Times New Roman.
  • There is no paragraph spacing before or after any paragraph.
  • Margins are 1” at the top, bottom, left, and right.
  • Alignment is left.


Ensure that All   Markup view is displayed. On the first page, reject the replacement of the   three words used, i.e., recognize, choices, and employed. Accept all other changes in the document and stop   tracking.


Modify the Title   style to reflect the first comment left by your partner. Reply to the first   comment by typing Adjusted Title style. (include the period.)   and mark the comment as Resolved.

  Find the second comment which is in the Poor   Password Practices section, and italicize the passwords as instructed in   the comment, but not the commas. Mark the comment as Resolved.

  Create a new paragraph before the word Password   as indicated by the third comment on page 3. Delete the comment.


Change the Bibliography   Style to APA Sixth Edition. Click before the period in the last sentence in   the first paragraph in the Poor   Password Practices and Their Consequences section, with the sentence   ending with and other well-known   passwords. Insert the following article citation:

  Author: Storm, Darlene
  Title: Worst, Most Common Passwords for the Last 5 Years
  Periodical Title: ComputerWorld
  Year: 2016
  Month: January
  Day: 20
  Note: Mac users do not need to add the URL.

  Insert a citation to the same source before the period in the last sentence   in the third paragraph on page 3, with the sentence ending with offline password managers are even free.   


Click before the   period at the end of the last sentence in the first paragraph of the Recommended Password Practices   section, with the sentence ending with should   not just be added to the end. Insert the following website citation:

  Author: Schneier, Bruce
  Name of Web Page: Choosing Secure Passwords
  Name of Web Site: Schneier on Security
  Year: 2014
  Month: March
  Day: 3


Insert a footnote   after the last password example in the Poor   Password Practices section. Type the text: Common passwords as obtained   from data breaches. (include the period.) Change the number format for footnotes to   1, 2, 3 in the Footnotes dialog box. (Click Apply, not Insert.)


Insert a blank page   at the end of the report and insert a bibliography in APA style on the blank   page with the title Works Cited.   The bibliography should be double-spaced with no paragraph spacing before or   after. 


Ensure that   bibliography is formatted with the Times New Roman font and 12 pt size, and   that all text in the bibliography should be Black, Text 1 font color. Center   the Works Cited title. 


Insert the Ion   (Light) cover page. Change the Year to 2020. Type Password   Recommendations as the Document title. Type your first and last name as the   Author. Delete the Document subtitle placeholder.


Create a table of   contents, using the Classic style format with a dot leader, on a new page   positioned between the cover page and the current page 2.


Insert a footer with   a centered page number, using Banded format. Do not display the page number   footer on the first page. Numbering begins with page 1 on the Table of   Contents page.


Mark the following   words as index entries, selecting Mark All for each: access   control,   rainbow tables, password manager, and phishing. Select the first   occurrence of Offline password managers and set a cross-reference as See online password managers.

  Note, please be sure to search your document to ensure that all occurrences   are marked as specified; press CTRL+F and use the Navigation Pane to locate   each one.


Add an index on a   blank page at the end of the document. Use Classic format with 2 columns and   accept all other default settings.


Save and close Exp19_Word_Ch04_HOEAssessment_Security.docx.   Exit Word. Submit the file as directed.


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