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You pick a miniroty group below: 1. Women 2. Native Americans 3. Latino Americans 4. Americans With Disabiltys 5. The LGBT community Once you have chosen ONE min



Step 1: You will conduct a mini research project by choosing ONE minority group. You have a choice between: A.) Women, or B.) Native American’s, or C.) Latino Americans, or D.) American’s with Disabilities, or E.) the LGBT community.

Step 2: Once you have chosen ONE minority group, you can then go ahead and begin your research. You will fill out the slides provided and using your own words, paraphrase the information you find on the internet. All sources you use must be included, otherwise you will lose points.

Step 3: Make sure you discuss the following categories in great detail: (THIS WILL ALL BE FILLED OUT IN THE FOLLOWING SLIDES.)

A.) The key issues this group faced throughout United States History,

B.) You will identify key activists and important people involved in this movement, and their contributions (for example: if you choose Latino’s, you should probably mention Cesar Chavez.)

C.) Identify a goal of the movement,

D.) Identify something the minority group accomplished,

E.) Identify ONE problem the group still faces today, in 2022.


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