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You will choose a genre of music from the textbook and find a music video or vid


You will choose a genre of music from the textbook and find a music video or video clip that is representative of that music genre. Your textbook refers to genres or performance practices as “Sites,” so consider this a “digital field site visit,” in which you are the digital ethnomusicologist researching this music! You can choose a “site” we have or have not yet covered in class, if you want to skip ahead if there is a genre that is of interest to you. 1. Write one paragraph describing the musical genre, providing general, background, and introductory information. You may also include some introduction of the video clip. 2. Then, write two paragraphs proving that the clip you have chosen represents that musical genre; this may be proven in a number of ways: what instruments are played, how many performers there are, if there is singing, the structure of the piece, participatory elements, associated dances, the formality of performance, other musical elements (timbre, dynamics, etc.), texture (homophony, heterophony, polyphony, monophony), or non-musical elements (for example religious or spiritual component, political themes, etc.). Use your textbook to help you prove your video fits the genre. 3. Finally, write one paragraph as if you were going to continue to research this music as an ethnomusicologist, and you are asking me to fund or support your research project. What would your next steps be? Where would you go? Who would you interview? What questions would you ask? You should conclude with a statement on the significance a research project on this kind of music would have (this can be personal or aimed at a more general audience). 4. Be sure to include the source and link to the clip, the title and artist (if that information is available), and any other information necessary to credit the performance and resource. Videos that I provide in class lectures or online materials will not be accepted. You should also cite the portion of the textbook referenced. Music genre to work on = inuit throat singing 

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