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You will write a 3 – 5 page paper about your experience in forming your organization. Talk about your team process. Your team has


You will write a 3 – 5 page paper about your experience in forming your organization. Talk about your team process. Your team has


You will write a 3 – 5 page paper about your experience in forming your organization.

Talk about your team process. Your team has the interesting challenge of working from remote locations as a virtual team, so comments on your process will be important.   In your writing, respond to the following: What did you, individually, contribute as a member the team to create the project? How would you rate yourself as a team member on a 1 – 5 scale (5 being the highest) and how would you rate your total team?  What were your team’s strengths and weaknesses?  What would you do differently in a future team project ? What did you learn or experience that you will use in your current work or your future career?


1) My contribution as a member of the team. 


strategic goals(Objective, Action steps, Considered controls), 

organization structure.

2) rate 4 – 5

3) Strengths is everyone did his parts and weaknesses is communication every one had a hard time to meet during conference. 

Non-profit clothing boutique to build confidence and provide support

Clothing Potential is a non-profit business that is offering more than just clothes and accessories, but a safe place to offer additional support resources to help youth in need. We are looking to create a welcoming, comforting and supporting environment that customers can continuously rely on.

Cheney is a fast growing community but lacks a nonprofit like ours. Our business will be the only, one of a kind, clothing boutique to offer a wide variety of fashionable clothing and accessories in all sizes for youth. We will fill the clothing needs for every weather season here in Inland North West. In addition, we will partner with other mental health resource organizations for those adolescents and young adults that are struggling with mental health or unhealthy home environments.

We would want to connect further than just handing out clothes. We would like to show support for all the needs and hardships of the people we help. Linking them with more resources instead of leaving them to work out problems alone, we would strive to form healthy long-term relationships with our freshly clothed friends. Comment by Destiny Thomas: Needs additional work

Strength – Community involvement. We will offer a wide variety of things, more than just clothes but also a place where kids can come to have a safe place, where we offer mentoring programs to refer any child struggling with family domestic violence or counseling programs to help in the best way possible. By basing our location in Cheney, it is a small town with a great community, but it is growing, so it is a convenient location and we would have a loyal community for donations and volunteers.

Weakness – Other non-profit organizations similar to ours have been established for a longer period of time. Since we are first starting out, we might not have the structure and resources right away. We will have to research our competition, how they fund their organizations and what they do vs what they don’t, so we in return can help our company be successful.

Opportunities – Having a recycling program for the cotton or fabrics that get donated that cannot be offered to our clientele would be an amazing opportunity to help keep the waste down and the uniqueness to our company prevalent.

Threats – Funding will be a threat as well as similar organizations that have already been established. With such a material resource as clothes are, there will be lots of funding and figuring out how to be a better fit for the community than another thrift store or second hand shop. Having other establishments as competition that have been up and running longer may be a disadvantage when it comes to funding, volunteers, advertising, and finding a niche.

1. Objective- Number of returning customers

Action Step: Gain loyal customers by providing a welcoming and comforting environment that makes them feel good not just materiality but on the inside too.

2. Objective- Promoting

Action Step: Create a social media site for our business, this will create followers and shares that could quickly get our name out there. Holding fundraisers and working with outside mental health resources.

3. Objective- Increase outlet/expansion

Action Step- Feedback, Grievances and Queries – An easily accessible platform to be created for any feedback, grievances, or queries if any. This will be an additional advantage to the customer to reach the organization in any form and gain trust and confidence.

4. Objective- Circular economy (by recycling old clothes)

Action Step– Unique recycled products can be made by using old fabrics like- doormats, curtains, etc, keeping the input cost to a minimum.

Considered Controls

1. Quality over quantity with clothes that are donated or purchased for the organization. Having great pieces rather than the clothes that really are worn out. Hiring/placing volunteers in positions for quality observation with training on standards

2. Checking Accountability, at the ending inspection or survey of activities related to cash flow, transaction at bans and etc.

3. Install surveillance systems to have full control on security negligence.

4. Advertisement can pave away into the heart of people so that they involve in volunteering or acting as volunteers in the organization and must engage in innovative practices to address the issue of mental health especially of children due to parental conflict and violence.

Internal and external communication is essential to ensure that Clothing Potential is successful.

Internal communication- Information and ideas exchanged within the organization itself

· The board of directors will be very hands on with the day to day operations of the business. We will meet daily to overview the business and work with outside resources to provide to our customers

· Board of directors will meet with the manager and volunteers weekly to collaborate on ideas and projects to bring to the business

· The manager will hold interviews with volunteers to make sure that they fit in and walk/talk our core values

· The manager will hold weekly meetings with employees to make sure that expectations are being met, to discuss any concerns they may have and go over inventory of the store.

External communication- Information exchanged both within and outside the organization

· Advertising is a great way to connect and communicate with our target audience.

· We are a small non-profit organization and through advertising we would be able to reach a large audience at a low cost per person. We would do a small local commercial and create a website for our business.

· Social Media will be a tool that we will use as it is also a way to reach a large audience.

· Paid sponsors through Facebook, instagram and Twitter, Clothing Potential will pop up not only on our friends feed, but on people that we are not connected with. There is also the ability to “share” information about our business to reach more people.

· Outside Resources. We will work with outside resources to be a sponsor for us and also refer our customers to them. They will provide additional help and services such as therapy or state assistance that could be available to families and youth in need.

· Fundraisers will be an effective way to communicate with the community. We will hold monthly fundraisers to bring the community together to talk about our business, receive donations and create a fun environment for youth.

· Bake sale

· Game day

· Food drives

· Art exhibition

· Website donations

Human resources is much more than a complaint department, so we will outfit ours with great decision-makers, wonderfully trained and developed minds, and overall problem solvers. Our human resources representative(s) will have the ability to tie the work with the proper volunteer or employee for the job. If the person is compatible with the training, HR is able to best develop those new team members into effective, productive, and valuable assets to Clothing Potential. Human resources will smooth out the transitions as we scale and grow within our niche as well.

Staff Manager/Coordinator –

The Job:

The staff manager will care for the organization and facilitation of events and direct the staffing/volunteers required to achieve our end goals of Clothing Potential. She will be able to train, direct, or correct new employees or volunteers in a straight-forward but kind manner. This will be a full time position to be able to handle the consistency and level of care that we value.


1. Handle day to day issues, inquiries, and questions about procedures or basic tasks.

2. Problem solve and innovate along with the development of Clothing Potential to facilitate accomplishment of daily goals.

3. Fill in schedules and procedures to be followed by staff/volunteers.

4. Be a figurehead for the company and represent the professional environment we strive for.

5. Bring joy to those who need it through hard work and kindness.


She would need to have a background in multitasking and direct involvement with leading people. Communication skills must be had to effectively take control of this position. While some formal management or coordinator education would be wonderful, it is not a requirement for this position. Experience and skill are valued and above all else kindness and compassion for our cause.

Chain of Command:

The staff manager would report to any of the chair heads dependent on the need she requires to be filled. If there is a lack of financing, she could address the finance director and/or the fundraising director. There is easy go between the staff manager and the board of directors until we get further expanded and more staff reports to her.


The position will start out near market value with full benefits 60 days from hire date including options for a profit sharing plan. This will ensure a great fit for the company with competitive and eager candidates. There will be plenty of room to grow with further options to buy into the company and take on part of the partnership or corporation.


Interviewing will be casual and semi formal with the formalities following a dedicated tour and friendly conversation to put the candidate at ease and help walk off any excessive nerves. This will be a soft introduction to the type of person the candidate is rather than the rehearsed answers to somewhat tired questions. Sitting in a conference room next to the potential coworkers after the tour will present more heartfelt and personal, and overall, less intimidating. This is an important job, but it does not need constant intimidating pressure to succeed within.


Training will kind of be all together at first as we learn to implement procedures and the control environment. The staff manager will have great input and a lot of say over how things will be run and operated.

Owners – Very hands on and involved (us). Each specializes in an area of the business

Manager – Scheduling, training, internal control creation and execution

PR (public representative) – same level as managers – deals with advertising, relations, and appearance/atmosphere

Staff – experienced leaders for volunteers/clients, provide personal connection and mentorship

Volunteers – helping with clients, organization of inventory, more day to day tasks


We will train some employees to focus on the clothing portion of the business and some employees to focus on the youth outreach portion of the business. For the clothing employees/volunteers we will train them how to properly track donations and inventory and also to make sure that our inventory is properly allocated to children in the program.

For the youth outreach employees we will train them on how to set up activities that are beneficial for kids.


In the first 3-5 years our company doesn’t plan on expanding as far as locations. We want to expand on the amount of services that we will be able to provide to our community. We intend to start out by providing clothing and then as the organization grows and we are able to secure more funding we will provide more services. In the same type of way as a Big Brothers/Sisters program.

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