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Your manager is very pleased with your research data collection plan and quantitative research design for measuring employee contributions and has asked you to write a literature rev


Your manager is very pleased with your research data collection plan and quantitative research design for measuring employee contributions and has asked you to write a literature rev


Read this student response attached with YOUR opinion but include a NARRATIVE CITATION TO reference and support your thoughts


exactly 150 WORDS 

Topic 3 DQ 1

Aug 25-27, 2022

Your manager is very pleased with your research data collection plan and quantitative research design for measuring employee contributions and has asked you to write a literature review (similar to Chapter 2 in your dissertation). Your dilemma is what empirical research should be included in your literature review. How can you discern quality studies in the quantitative realm from mediocre ones? What are the top five criteria for selecting high quality quantitative empirical articles for your literature review? Justify criteria selected with appropriate sources.

Note: Rather than providing insights into or literature regarding the topics of employee rewards/compensation or employee retention, focus your discussion post on the research methodology and design and the process of selecting scholarly quantitative literature to resolve this applied research example.

Alicia response

I think it takes skills of critical thinking to discern high quality articles from mediocre articles. I believe high quality articles that best support the dissertation process are peer reviewed articles; because, peer reviewed articles have gone through a validation process by way of being carefully screened, scrutinized, and combed through to determine authenticity and objectivity; the true purpose of this study. Another component to high quality research methodologies is the presence of ethics and accuracy. Before choosing an article, ask the question, “How do we know that this article is tried, true, and tested?”. The process in which research is conducted determines whether an article is ethical and unbiased, or if the article is based on a theory without actual observation or experiments conducted. When considering to implement one should consider if the article is valid, trustworthy, and effective enough to support your argument. Another criteria for conducting research based on experiment or observation is to consider how this process will answer a question or test a certain theory. Skews (2020) wrote that in order for the professional practice of coaching to be validated, it needed to be conducted through an evidence-based empirical design. The evidence-based design would answer a direct question, and thirdly it would use the available systematic reviews to access evidence relevant to the research question.


Skews, R. (2020). How to design and conduct quantitative coaching intervention research. Coaching Psychologist16(1), 41–51.

Do you agree with Alicia ? yes or no- only 150 words plus reference apa 7 format

Stevie Response

Hello Class,

Continuation of proving you are a great new doctoral leader is important with every task that is given. In providing a literature review of empirical research, the first step would be ensuring that I have the right resources for my research. Because this will be a quantitative study, it is important within the resources used for the research are credible. Credible evidence to gain readers’ trust, and the writer must be able to avoid bias in his or her argumentation (D’Urso et al., 2021). There are five specific actions that will be considered during the research, dependability, Credibility, Confirmability, Transferability, Reflexivity, and Trustworthy. Credibility will provide accurate findings, Dependability reference can be used for future research, Confirmability is providing adequateness, Transferability is finding research that can be used in the future, Reflexivity is which thinking about thinking is consistently being practiced, and Trustworthy is the goal of qualitative research (D’Urso et al., 2021). When researching, selecting high-quality articles will be clear in finding these components.


D’Urso, P., Johnston, E., McClendon, C. (2021). GCU doctoral research: Foundational principles of research design. Grand Canyon University.

Do you agree with Stevie ? Yes or no

Kathleens response

      Credibility, accuracy, reasonableness, and support are the main criteria for discerning quality studies in the quantitative realm. (D’Urso et al., 2021) The top five criteria for selecting high quality empirical articles for your literature review include: 1) Why the study is conducted, 2)What new knowledge will be discovered, 3) Why this new knowledge is important, 4)The general population affected by the problem, and 5) How the research will contribute to resolving the problem. (Greenberger, 2021) Research design, research process, aims of research, amount of data, and method of analysis are all forms of the CIS (critical interpretive synthesis) (Depraetere et al., 2021) literature review process which has been in practice for several decades and has been very successful. Those are probably the best ways to evaluate literature.

Depraetere, J., Vandeviver, C., Keygnaert, I., & Beken, T. V. (2021). The critical interpretive        synthesis: An assessment of reporting practices. International Journal of Social Research            Methodology: Theory & Practice24(6), 669–689.

Do you agree with Kathleen ? Yes or no

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