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Your project assignment is worth 100 points It focuses on what many consider a very important element of History- the relationship between politics’

xefx82xb7xc2xa0Your project assignment is worth 100 pointsxefx82xb7xc2xa0It focuses on what many consider a very important element ofxc2xa0History-xc2xa0thexc2xa0relationship between politics andxc2xa0society.xefx82xb7xc2xa0Youxc2xa0may reference your textbookxefx82xb7xc2xa0ONLY a Power Point (PP) presentation will be accepted.xefx82xb7xc2xa0A minimum of 10 PP slides andxc2xa0no morexc2xa0than 20.xefx82xb7xc2xa0Include Pictures, Charts, Graphs, Videos (the variety will enhance points received)You may also conduct research on the Worldwide Web; however, your presentation SHOULD NOT be a copy of info published on the web. Hence please ensure, that your PP reflects creativity and innovation and, the presentation has the below components. Additional relevant components will yield even higher scores.INSTRUCTIONSYou must Choose any key termxc2xa0from your textbook to research and prepare your PowerPoint presentation.xc2xa0You should include issues likexefx82xb7xc2xa0Why you selected thexc2xa0ITEMthat you chosexefx82xb7xc2xa0What is thexc2xa0itemxefx82xb7xc2xa0What is the history of thexc2xa0itemxefx82xb7xc2xa0What was the significance of the item?xefx82xb7xc2xa0What affect has it had onxc2xa0the history of the Republic.xefx82xb7xc2xa0What are your thoughts about your selectedxc2xa0itemxc2xa0and what does it means to you,xc2xa0personallyxefx82xb7xc2xa0What is the positive or negative effects of thexc2xa0itemxc2xa0for the people of the USA and/or WorldGRADINGYou will be graded on how well you explain/describe thexc2xa0itemxc2xa0and its relationshipxc2xa0to social and political development.xc2xa0Points will be added and deducted based on:xefx82xb7xc2xa0including or omitting the points outlined abovexefx82xb7xc2xa0including or omitting pictures, charts, graphs, video’s etc.xefx82xb7xc2xa0including or omitting the correct number of slidesxefx82xb7xc2xa0including or omitting PP designxc2xa0creativity and writing skillsxc2xa0—xc2xa0grammar and punctuationPoints will be significantly deducted if:1.xc2xa0ALL RESEARCH SOURCES ARE NOT REFERENCED On ONExc2xa0(1) PP SLIDE2.xc2xa0Information is copied and pasted from any source, particularly from the internet and not listed as a reference source on your source slide will3.xc2xa0A minimum of 10 slides and no more than 20 slides, is not met.There are many facts about your selection,xc2xa0so include as many as you like to present an interesting xe2x80x9cStoryxe2x80x9d of your itemxc2xa0How you design (putxc2xa0together) the flow of the content for the presentation is the focus (key), versus trying to include lists of information.xc2xa0Think xe2x80x9ccreativelyxe2x80x9d, share information that is not readily known about yourxc2xa0item.REMEMBER TO CITExc2xa0ALL SOURCESxc2xa0thatxc2xa0YOU USE!xc2xa0If any ofxc2xa0the above instructions are not included, points can be deducted. “


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