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ZARA: Fast Fashion – Study Room


Read the article and answer the questions

Understanding the strategy of Zara requires a discussion of upstream and downstream strategic activities and behaviors. We shall define upstream activities as those related to the product and product design, production, sourcing, and transportation and distribution. We shall define downstream activities as those centering on retailing, merchandising, advertising, ordering systems, other marketing behaviors, and general management and information technology systems.

Zara case question 1: describe and characterize Zara’s upstream strategic activities and behaviors. Note that Zara case question 2 will ask you to describe and characterize Zara’s downstream activities and behaviors.

Clear Instructions/Guidance

Do not repeat case facts unless they are necessary for your analysis. For example, a comment such as the company was founded in 1928, does not reflect analysis.

Make sure you address the question/issue as asked. Do not address a different question than the one that was asked.

Stick to the facts given in the case: there is no reason to go to outside sources for information.

The most difficult part for students to understand is that some posts reflect deep insight by the student

Write a post with deep insight

Only Use the article as a source


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